Lesson 1 - Word Practice


You will now have the opportunity to learn the new vocabulary. Write the word which you think is right one in the text field. Click on the respective eye symbol with your mouse to check if you have chosen the correct word. If you are working with a touchscreen on a smartphone or tablet, touch the eye with your finger. To listen to the pronunciation, either click on the respective button in the column "Listen" with your mouse or touch it with your finger.

English Write in German Control Listen
Mrs ..., woman  
Good afternoon  
to speak (infinitive)  
you (polite form)  
do you speak? (literally: speak you?)  
I (me)  
to understand (infinitive)  
I understand  
a (indefinite article, masculine/neuter)  
a little  
to be (infinitive)  
are you (polite form)?  
American (masculine)  
American (feminine)  
I am  
English (masculine)  
English (feminine)  
where from  
to come (infinitive)  
I come  
city in the north of Germany  
to know (infinitive)  
do you (polite form) know? (literally: know you?)  
to like (infinitive)  
I like  
very (much)  
is (he/she/it)  
a (indefinite article, feminine)  
beautiful, nice (adjective, adverb)  
beautiful, nice (adjective feminine)  
town, city