Nos.: 21-40 - New Words


Here you find the numbers from 21 to 40. If you want to listen to the pronunciation, click on the button in front of the respective word.

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Listen Number German Phonetic Script English
  21   einundzwanzig ['ainʊnttsvantsɪç] twenty-one
  22   zweiundzwanzig ['tsvaiʊnttsvantsɪç] twenty-two
  23   dreiundzwanzig ['draiʊnttsvantsɪç] twenty-three
  24   vierundzwanzig ['fi:əʊnttsvantsɪç] twenty-four
  25   fünfundzwanzig ['fʏnfʊnttsvantsɪç] twenty-five
  26   sechsundzwanzig ['zɛksʊnttsvantsɪç] twenty-six
  27   siebenundzwanzig ['zi:bənʊnttsvantsɪç] twenty-seven
  28   achtundzwanzig ['axtʊnttsvantsɪç] twenty-eight
  29   neunundzwanzig ['nɔynʊnttsvantsɪç] twenty-nine
  30   dreißig ['draisɪç] thirty
  31   einunddreißig ['ainʊntdraisɪç] thirty-one
  32   zweiunddreißig ['tsvaiʊntdraisɪç] thirty-two
  33   dreiunddreißig ['draiʊntdraisɪç] thirty-three
  34   vierunddreißig ['fi:əʊntdraisɪç] thirty-four
  35   fünfunddreißig ['fʏnfʊntdraisɪç] thirty-five
  36   sechsunddreißig ['zɛksʊntdraisɪç] thirty-six
  37   siebenunddreißig ['zi:bənʊntdraisɪç] thirty-seven
  38   achtunddreißig ['axtʊntdraisɪç] thirty-eight
  39   neununddreißig ['nɔynʊntdraisɪç] thirty-nine
  40   vierzig ['fɪrtsɪç] forty