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Entry no. 11 from Rand Paul from US
on 24.12.2021 at 19:43 o'clock

Vielen dank, ich habe so viel gelernt!

Comment, 21.08.2022 at 22:05 o'clock

Gerne. Danke, dass du diese Seite zum Lernen benutzt

Entry no. 10 from Claudio from It
on 14.08.2021 at 17:31 o'clock

Comment, 08.10.2021 at 19:25 o'clock

Entry no. 9 from Hallo
on 19.06.2021 at 01:24 o'clock

Hallo, Ich komme aus USA.

Thank for the site, it's very helpful!

Comment, 11.07.2021 at 16:50 o'clock

Thanks for using this site .

Entry no. 8 from Elona
on 04.12.2020 at 17:48 o'clock

Where is the video training for consonant estset? it's missing...

Comment, 06.04.2021 at 19:49 o'clock

You can watch the video here:

Entry no. 7 from david
on 24.11.2020 at 08:28 o'clock


Comment, 06.04.2021 at 19:56 o'clock

Hallo, schön, dass du mal vorbeischaust

Entry no. 6 from ๐Ÿˆ cat
on 22.11.2020 at 10:38 o'clock

Hi mam can you send me video about adjective find???

Comment, 06.04.2021 at 19:56 o'clock

You can watch my videos about the declension in the different cases. Start here:

Entry no. 5 from Elona from Albanien
on 16.11.2020 at 18:06 o'clock

this website is wonderful, Ich mag es

Comment, 06.04.2021 at 19:50 o'clock

Danke sehr

Entry no. 4 from Cat
on 01.09.2020 at 11:59 o'clock

Can you tell me what is called duck in germanโ“โ“

Comment, 04.11.2020 at 20:53 o'clock

Hello Cat,
duck in German is "Ente" ['ษ›ntษ™]. It is a feminine noun, so it stands with the definite article "die". By the way, there is a video about ducks online on YouTube:

Entry no. 3 from Bro from India
on 01.09.2020 at 08:15 o'clock

Hallo ๐Ÿ˜

Ich heist bro ๐Ÿ˜

Ich kommst aus Indian

Comment, 04.11.2020 at 20:53 o'clock

You would have to say "Ich heiße (or heisse) Bro." And: "Ich komme aus Indien". The verb forms you used were for the second person singular.
Greetings from Germany and keep on practising

Entry no. 2 from Iryna Haich from Ukraine
on 26.08.2020 at 11:11 o'clock


Comment, 04.11.2020 at 20:53 o'clock

Thanks for passing by...

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