Nos.: 81-100 - New Words


Here you find the numbers from 81 to 100. If you want to listen to the pronunciation, click on the button in front of the respective word.

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Listen Number   German Phonetic Script English
  81   einundachtzig ['ainʊntaxtsɪç] eighty-one
  82   zweiundachtzig ['tsvaiʊntaxtsɪç] eighty-two
  83   dreiundachtzig ['draiʊntaxtsɪç] eighty-three
  84   vierundachtzig ['fi:əʊntaxtsɪç] eighty-four
  85   fünfundachtzig ['fʏnfʊntaxtsɪç] eighty-five
  86   sechsundachtzig ['zɛksʊntaxtsɪç] eighty-six
  87   siebenundachtzig ['zi:bənʊntaxtsɪç] eighty-seven
  88   achtundachtzig ['axtʊntaxtsɪç] eighty-eight
  89   neunundachtzig ['nɔynʊntaxtsɪç] eighty-nine
  90   neunzig [ˈnɔyntsɪç] ninety
  91   einundneunzig ['ainʊntnɔyntsɪç] ninety-one
  92   zweiundneunzig ['tsvaiʊntnɔyntsɪç] ninety-two
  93   dreiundneunzig ['draiʊntnɔyntsɪç] ninety-three
  94   vierundneunzig ['fi:əʊntnɔyntsɪç] ninety-four
  95   fünfundneunzig ['fʏnfʊntnɔyntsɪç] ninety-five
  96   sechsundneunzig ['zɛksʊntnɔyntsɪç] ninety-six
  97   siebenundneunzig ['zi:bənʊntnɔyntsɪç] ninety-seven
  98   achtundneunzig ['axtʊntnɔyntsɪç] ninety-eight
  99   neunundneunzig ['nɔynʊntnɔyntsɪç] ninety-nine
  100   hundert/   einhundert ['hʊndɐt]/['ainhʊndɐt] hundred/one hundred