Nos.: 41-60 - New Words


Here you find the numbers from 41 to 60. If you want to listen to the pronunciation, click on the button in front of the respective word.

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Listen Number German Phonetic Script English
  41   einundvierzig ['ainʊntfɪrtsɪç] forty-one
  42   zweiundvierzig ['tsvaiʊntfɪrtsɪç] forty-two
  43   dreiundvierzig ['draiʊntfɪrtsɪç] forty-three
  44   vierundvierzig ['fi:əʊntfɪrtsɪç] forty-four
  45   fünfundvierzig ['fʏnfʊntfɪrtsɪç] forty-five
  46   sechsundvierzig ['zɛksʊntfɪrtsɪç] forty-six
  47   siebenundvierzig ['zi:bənʊntfɪrtsɪç] forty-seven
  48   achtundvierzig ['axtʊntfɪrtsɪç] forty-eight
  49   neunundvierzig ['nɔynʊntfɪrtsɪç] forty-nine
  50   fünfzig ['fʏnftsɪç] fifty
  51   einundfünfzig ['ainʊntfʏnftsɪç] fifty-one
  52   zweiundfünfzig ['tsvaiʊntfʏnftsɪç] fifty-two
  53   dreiundfünfzig ['draiʊntfʏnftsɪç] fifty-three
  54   vierundfünfzig ['fi:əʊntfʏnftsɪç] fifty-four
  55   fünfundfünfzig ['fʏnfʊntfʏnftsɪç] fifty-five
  56   sechsundfünfzig ['zɛksʊntfʏnftsɪç] fifty-six
  57   siebenundfünfzig ['zi:bənʊntfʏnftsɪç] fifty-seven
  58   achtundfünfzig ['axtʊntfʏnftsɪç] fifty-eight
  59   neunundfünfzig ['nɔynʊntfʏnftsɪç] fifty-nine
  60   sechzig ['zɛçtsɪç] sixty