Weekdays - New Words


Here you find the weekdays in German. If you want to listen to the pronunciation, click on the button in front of the respective word.

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Listen German Script English Compositions of nouns   Planets
  Sonntag m ['zɔnta:k] Sunday Sonne (sun) + Tag (day) Sun
  Montag m ['mo:nta:k] Monday Mond (moon) + Tag Moon
  Dienstag m ['di:nsta:k] Tuesday Thiu/Thyr (Teutonic god of war) + Tag Mars
  Mittwoch m ['mɪtvɔx] Wednesday Mitte (middle) + Woche (week) Mercury
  Donnerstag m ['dɔnɐsta:k] Thursday Donar/Thor (Teutonic god of weather/thunder) + Tag Jupiter
  Freitag m ['fraita:k] Friday Freya (Teutonic goddess of love/matrimony) + Tag Venus
  Samstag m ['zamsta:k] Saturday Sabbat (Jewish: day of rest) + Tag Saturn