Lesson 1 - Sentence Practice

Now you can test if you are already able to talk to someone in German like in our first conversation. Just imagine a conversation of two neighbours in front of the house. They hardly know each other and begin a small talk. What do they say? Use the polite form. Think of the fact that both persons are women.

  English Sentence Control Listen
Frau Schmidt: Good afternoon, do you speak German?  
Frau Williams: I understand a little German.    
Frau Schmidt: Are you American?    
Frau Williams: No, I am English.    
  And where do you come from?    
Frau Schmidt: I come from Hamburg.    
  Do you know Hamburg?    
Frau Williams: Yes, I like Hamburg very much.    
  Hamburg is a nice city.    

Did you fill in the correct sentences? If you still have problems, then listen to the conversation again and practice the new words by clicking on the button "Word Practice".