Nos.: 61-80 - New Words


Here you find the numbers from 61 to 80. If you want to listen to the pronunciation, click on the button in front of the respective word.

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Listen Number German Phonetic Script English
  61   einundsechzig ['ainʊntzɛçtsɪç] sixty-one
  62   zweiundsechzig ['tsvaiʊntzɛçtsɪç] sixty-two
  63   dreiundsechzig ['draiʊntzɛçtsɪç] sixty-three
  64   vierundsechzig ['fi:əʊntzɛçtsɪç] sixty-four
  65   fünfundsechzig ['fʏnfʊntzɛçtsɪç] sixty-five
  66   sechsundsechzig ['zɛksʊntzɛçtsɪç] sixty-six
  67   siebenundsechzig ['zi:bənʊntzɛçtsɪç] sixty-seven
  68   achtundsechzig ['axtʊntzɛçtsɪç] sixty-eight
  69   neunundsechzig ['nɔynʊntzɛçtsɪç] sixty-nine
  70   siebzig ['zi:ptsɪç] seventy
  71   einundsiebzig ['ainʊntzi:ptsɪç] seventy-one
  72   zweiundsiebzig ['tsvaiʊntzi:ptsɪç] seventy-two
  73   dreiundsiebzig ['draiʊntzi:ptsɪç] seventy-three
  74   vierundsiebzig ['fi:əʊntzi:ptsɪç] seventy-four
  75   fünfundsiebzig ['fʏnfʊntzi:ptsɪç] seventy-five
  76   sechsundsiebzig ['zɛksʊntzi:ptsɪç] seventy-six
  77   siebenundsiebzig ['zi:bənʊntzi:ptsɪç] seventy-seven
  78   achtundsiebzig ['axtʊntzi:ptsɪç] seventy-eight
  79   neunundsiebzig ['nɔynʊntzi:ptsɪç] seventy-nine
  80   achtzig ['axtsɪç] eighty