Continents - New Words


Here you find the seven continents of the world. If you want to listen to the pronunciation, click on the button in front of the respective word.

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Listen German   Phonetic Script English
  Kontinent m   ['kɔntinɛnt] continent
  Afrika nt   ['a:frika] Africa
  Amerika m   [a'me:rika] America
    Nordamerika nt [nɔrtʔa'me:rika] North America
    Südamerika nt [zy:tʔa'me:rika] South America
  Asien nt   ['a:ziən] Asia
  Australien nt /   Ozeanien nt [aus'tra:liən / otse'a:niən] Australia / Oceania
  Antarktis f   [ant'ʔarktɪs] Antarctica
  Europa nt   [ɔy'ro:pa] Europe