Video German Cartoons:
Stork meets wide-mouthed frog

Sequel 1:
Stork and wide-mouthed frog get to know each other

Here, you can test and train your listening comprehension. Listen to a simple conversation between a stork and a wide-mouthed frog. What does the frog do to hide that he is a wide-mouthed frog? Right, he pretends to have a small mouth!
If you are a beginner or have problems to understand the conversation, read the complete text and the English translation below this video. Enjoy!
  German English
Storch: Hallo. Hello.
Frosch: Hallo. Hello.
Storch: Ich suche Breitmaulfrösche. I am looking for wide-mouthed frogs.
  Kannst du mir sagen, wo ich welche finde? Can you tell me where I can find some?
Frosch: Warum suchst du denn ausgerechnet Breitmaulfrösche? Why are you looking for wide-mouthed frogs of all frogs?
Storch: Ich bin ein Storch und fresse Breitmaulfrösche. I am a stork and eat wide-mouthed frogs.
Frosch: Och, die gibt's hier aber nicht. Oh, but there aren't any here.
  Hab' ich hier noch nie gesehen... eh... Have never seen any here... eh...
  Da brat mir doch einer 'nen Storch*... hähä... oh... Someone fry me a stork... hehe... oh...
* This German idiom is actually a cry of astonishment  
  whenever we experience something which is incredibly  
  new for us. However, in this context the wide-mouthed  
  frog means it literally.