Alcoholic Drinks - New Words


Here you find the most important alcoholic drinks. If you want to listen to the pronunciation, click on the button in front of the respective word.

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Listen German Phonetic Script English
  Alkohol m ['alkoho:l] alcohol
  Bier nt [bi:ə] beer
  Champagner m [ʃam'panjɐ] champagne
  Cocktail m ['kɔkte:l] cocktail
  Cognac m ['kɔnjak] cognac
  Likör m [li'kø:ɐ] liqueur
  Schnaps m [ʃnaps] schnapps
  Sekt m [zɛkt] sparkling wine
  Sherry m ['ʃɛri] sherry
  Wein m [vain] wine
  Weinbrand m ['vainbrant] brandy
  Whisk(e)y m ['vɪski] whisk(e)y