Sausage - Word Practice


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Raw sausage

English Write in German Control Listen
raw sausage  
dry sausage  
salted meat  
smoked sausage  
cervelat sausage  
small seasoned flat sausage  
minced pork  
smoked minced pork sausage  
smoked beef and pork sausage  
smoked meat  
roast beef  
sausage spread  
steak tatare (minced beef)  
tea sausage spread  

Scalded sausage

English Write in German Control Listen
scalded sausage  
ham sausage  
beer sausage  
fried sausage  
minced meat loaf  
baloney (pork sausage)  
frankfurter sausages  
Bavarian pork and veal sausage  
chasseur sausage  
kielbasa (Polish smoked garlic sausage)  
beef and pork loaf  
pork sausage from Lyon  
ham sausage (meat)  
Bavarian veal sausage  
wiener sausages  

Cooked sausage

English Write in German Control Listen
cooked sausage  
blood sausage/black pudding  
corned beef/bully beef  
luncheon meat/spam  
white pudding/hash-and-crumbs-sausage  
cabbage sausage  
liver sausage  
Palatinate stuffed pig's stomach  
brawn/head cheese  
brawn/head cheese  
red sausage/blood sausage  
brawn/head cheese  
jellied loaf/meat in aspic  
jellied brawn  
tongue sausage  


English Write in German Control Listen
Brunswick ham  
boiled ham  
spiced, cured ham  
Holstein cottage ham  
ham on the bone  
cured and rolled filet of pork  
prosciutto (air-dried ham)  
Parma ham  
raw ham  
rolled smoked ham  
Black Forest ham  
Serrano ham  
Westphalian ham