Nos.: 61-80 - Word Practice


Now you can practice the new words. If you want to see the solution after having written the words, click on the eye with your mouse. If you are working with a touchscreen on a smartphone or tablet, touch the eye with your finger. To listen to the pronunciation, either click the respective button with your mouse or touch it with your finger.

Number English Write in German Control Listen
61   sixty-one  
62   sixty-two  
63   sixty-three  
64   sixty-four  
65   sixty-five  
66   sixty-six  
67   sixty-seven  
68   sixty-eight  
69   sixty-nine  
70   seventy  
71   seventy-one  
72   seventy-two  
73   seventy-three  
74   seventy-four  
75   seventy-five  
76   seventy-six  
77   seventy-seven  
78   seventy-eight  
79   seventy-nine  
80   eighty