Nos.: 21-40 - Word Practice


Now you can practice the new words. If you want to see the solution after having written the words, click on the eye with your mouse. If you are working with a touchscreen on a smartphone or tablet, touch the eye with your finger. To listen to the pronunciation, either click the respective button with your mouse or touch it with your finger.

Number English Write in German Control Listen
21   twenty-one  
22   twenty-two  
23   twenty-three  
24   twenty-four  
25   twenty-five  
26   twenty-six  
27   twenty-seven  
28   twenty-eight  
29   twenty-nine  
30   thirty  
31   thirty-one  
32   thirty-two  
33   thirty-three  
34   thirty-four  
35   thirty-five  
36   thirty-six  
37   thirty-seven  
38   thirty-eight  
39   thirty-nine  
40   forty