Lesson 2 - Sentence Practice


Now you can test if you are already able to buy some things in a bakery. Just remember a conversation between the buyer and the shop assistant. Mrs Schulze wants to buy a rye bread and rolls. What do they say? Use the polite form.

Write the sentence which you think is right one in the text field. Click on the respective eye symbol with your mouse to check if you have written the correct sentence. If you are working with a touchscreen on a smartphone or tablet, touch the eye with your finger. To listen to the pronunciation, either click on the respective button in the column "Listen" with your mouse or touch it with your finger.

  English Sentence Control Listen
Frau Schulze: Good morning, Mrs Becker.  
Frau Becker: Hello, Mrs Schulze.    
  How are you?    
Frau Schulze: Thank you, I am fine.    
  And you?    
Frau Becker: I am also fine, thank you.    
  What would you like to have?    
Frau Schulze: Please give me a rye bread.    
Frau Becker: With pleasure, do you have another wish?    
Frau Schulze: Yes, I take four rolls as well.    
Frau Becker: What else may I give you?    
Frau Schulze: Thank you, that's all.    
  What do I have to pay?    
Frau Becker: That's exactly five Euros.    
Frau Schulze: There you are.    
Frau Becker: Thank you very much.    
  Have a nice day!    
Frau Schulze: Thank you, the same to you!    
Frau Becker: Bye, Mrs Schulze!    

Did you fill in the correct sentences? If you still have problems, then listen to the conversation again and practice the new words by clicking on the button "Word Practice".