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You want to learn German and are an absolute beginner? No matter if you want to go to Germany as a tourist or if you want to work there, this online course gives you the basics you need. If you are a busy professional and don't have time to visit a course in your city or if there is not offered any German course in your area, then this course is right for you.

In this course, you will learn to write as well as to speak. In the lessons you will learn how to cope with several situations in everyday life. Every word and every sentence can be clicked on so that you learn the pronunciation properly. You will hear the voice of a native speaker and have the opportunity to repeat the sentences or single words and thus train to make your spoken words sound like those of the native speaker. You will also learn how to pronounce special German sounds correctly by a special training.

Every lesson contains a conversation about an everyday life situation. Even after the first lesson you will be able to have a little conversation. Step by step, you will learn more words and more grammar. No long instructions and explanations in English, just click on Lesson 1, and you can start with the course right away. Try your first lesson now, and you will see that German is not as difficult as it seems. With the right training, success comes soon. This will make you enjoy the lessons, and you will become more and more self-confident.

This audio course is developed by a native German speaker. The intention is to make you speak German within a short space of time. So, have a nice time with this audio course, and enjoy learning German language easily. In order to make it an interactive course, your comments or suggestions for improvements are always welcome. To write an e-mail, just click on the word contact in the footer below or in the header above.


Advanced Learners

Maybe you want to improve your German and do not want to rely on what you learn at school, at university or elsewhere. Or you learned German some time ago and want to brush it up. Here you have the opportunity to get back into the German language again by reading and at the same time by listening to the pronunciation of a native speaker.

The series "Read & Listen" contains texts for advanced learners who already have a certain knowledge. Every day you can enjoy a typical German idiom. To make it easier for you to understand, the respective English idiom and the literal translation are given. Besides, you can listen to the pronunciation and look at the international phonetic script which is also used in school books and dictionaries. Concerning the right pronunciation, this leaves no questions unanswered. There are also other texts like German fairies and nursery rhymes. More texts are still to come.

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My style
I speak your German text!
For singers, actors and speakers: I speak your German texts and speeches for you! Clearly, slowly and with the right accentuation! Click on the photo to learn more.

Pronunciation Analysis

Send me your audio file and I will analyse your pronunciation for you! Click on the picture to learn more.

German Numbers: Learn to count from 11 - 20 by singing with me
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German Cartoons: Stork meets wide-mouthed frog (Trailer)
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German Grammar: Indefinite Articles
To watch the video in full-screen format, click here.
German Grammar: Definite Articles
To watch the video in full-screen format, click here.